Forget soap and all the other factory synthesized products that have been said to work wonders on the skin. Here the three natural ways of washing your face naturally, that will leave you feeling like a royal;
1.      Using natural cleansers
These include lemon juice, honey, milk, yoghurt and many others. These help to wash your face and leave it smooth, clean and tight. They also help to hydrate the skin and also get rid of dead skin cells

2.      Warm water
Warm water is the best since it neither burns your skin nor cause irritations. Splash warm water gently on your face or you can use a towel. With a towel, moisten it in the warm water and wet your skin.

3.      Exfoliation
This is a method of face washing where dead skin is scrubbed off the face.

Splash warm water onto your skin and scrub gently in order to avoid damaging the skin or cause pain. Exfoliation should be done at most once a week. Adding a hydrating moisturizer after exfoliation is highly recommended for best results.

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