5 Foods and 5 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


There are a tone of exercises and foods one can take to cut down that belly fat.
The exercises range from simple walking or running, at least 10,000 steps daily, to a little more complicated aerobic exercises. Use of an elliptical trainer can immensely burn down the fat especially for the elderly people who have less time and bones for physical running. Riding a bicycle may seem like a simple exercise but it greatly chops down belly fat.
Reverse crunch exercise is also an effective form where you lay flat, arms at your side, feet crossed and lifted off the floor with knees making 90-degrees. Contract ab muscles and lift your head and shoulder off the ground, exhale after some time and inhale again when you lower back down.
The major foods that burn fats are eggs, peanut butter, fresh fruit, vegetables, oats and whole grain. Also consider other foods rich in fiber.

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