5 Yoga Poses To Get Your Gut In Gear


Looking for the 5 yoga poses to get your gut in gear? You have reached your destination. Hold on your seatbelts as we take you through the next journey of your life! The yoga poses are;
1.      Boat
Sit with both legs out straight almost touching your chest with your hands holding them. Now spread out your hands and stretch your legs and back out straight
(Spine should be straight), exhale and inhale using the energy in your core to get back to the default position. Repeat for about 10 times

2.      Plank
This is done by doing push-ups but with one leg off the ground; hovered a little high. Exhale as you push down and inhale as you push up. Repeat for about a minute or two.

3.      Table balance
Get on your hands and knees, extend your left leg out engaging your core and find your balance. Then extend your right arm forward, and stay in that position for a full breathe. Then switch to your right leg and repeat the same

4.      Knee and elbow
Get in the plank position and as you inhale, forward your knee towards your elbow. Exhale while pushing your leg back to initial position. Then using the same leg, repeat the procedure but this time using the opposite elbow. You can stay in this position for some time then exhale. Repeat for 15 times

5.      Fingertip abs

Lie flat on the ground, lift one leg to make 90-degrees with your torso. Now move your torso towards your legs stretching out your hands through either side of your leg until the fingers touch. Stay in this position for a full breath and then switch to the other leg and repeat this for 15 times

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