Feel The Pride When You Finish An Intensive Workout


Salty and sometimes stinking liquid it is we know, but sweating has more benefits than the intensity of salt it contains.
Exercises (thus sweating) give a very refreshing feeling after being done because of the millions of metabolisms they dredge. First off they help in better circulation, boosted immune system, reduction of the cholesterol level, opening and cleaning of skin pores and faster metabolism. One of the reasons you feel refreshed after having them.
Doctors say exercises lead to secretion of dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and endorphins which are responsible for memory, appetite, sleep, learning, mood, body temperature, and muscle contraction.
                      Exercises thus help greatly in prevention of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and high blood                                 pressure. And believe me, the shower you take after an exercise is the sweetest.

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