Also known as side stitches, side cramps are a pain felt just below your right ribs especially during is caused by the exertion that running and bouncing causes on the abdominal walls. Well the good news is that there are a variety of measures and activities that can be taken/carried out to avoid or cure these cramps, these include;

1.      Stretch before running
For example doing torso twist and other warm up stretching. This helps to stretch the abdominal walls and also help reduce chances of internal organs colliding.

2.      Don’t run on a full stomach
Avoid eating and drinking large amounts of food and water 4 hours before exercises. Take a few sips of water though because dehydration can cause side stitches as well.

3.      See a physical therapist
In case of chronic side cramps, see a physical therapist who will examine your spine to find out if there are any dysfunctions there and if they could be causing the cramps.

4.      Massage the cramp and breathe deeply
Rub the area where you are feeling he cramp gently. This will help increase blood flow. Breathe deeply and slowly to expand the belly as well as the upper chest.

5.      Slow down or stop

If you have been running, reduce your pace and breathe deeply or simply halt until the pain vanishes.

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