Stunning Hairstyle Tutorials for Lazy Women


A high ponytail and then part the it. Later, twist, twist and twist. Secure the bun with bobby pin and some hair spray. Cool! You have made a stylish hairstyle for your day.
This 10-second to kont is what I always do with my hair. It’s so simple. But to fix the style, you will need some hair spray. Making it loose and a little messy can turn it even more fashionable.
For those who admires to the fishtail braids but never know how to make it, just like me, you may try this faux fishtail hairstyle. It much simpler than the fishtail yet the gorgeous as the real one.
Long straight hair is quite pretty to make a ponytail. This ponytail is inspired from the runway looks. It’s great for women with thick hair.
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