Blackheads are so common these days. They are caused by dead skin and oil clogging up the pores of the skin. And they usually attack the nose. I have compiled for you the best proven ways of getting rid of black spots for good.

1.      Use natural face cleansers
Oat meal mask, honey mask, lemon mask and all other deep natural face masks are very effective for getting rid of black spots. This is because they cleanse the face and get rid of the dead skin. Use this once a week for good results.

2.      Cleanse face thoroughly
This helps get rid of dirt and grime, as these can lead to accumulation of dead skin on the pores. Cleanse thoroughly with warm water. You can also use a towel; soak it in water and place it on your face for 15 minutes. Alternatively, press the side of the blackheads with the towel or cotton wool to squeeze them out.

3.      Sweating
During sweating, the dead skin and oil can be softened making it easy to remove. However wash your face immediately to avoid adding insult to injury by having dry sweat block pores as well.

4.      Toothpaste

The use of toothpaste can also greatly help. Put paste on the toothbrush and scrub the area where the spots are.

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