This involves using a table spoon to pass cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil round your mouth for 15 minutes, or simply chewing it. It helps whiten teeth, improve overall health, give a better looking skin and has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-viral importance. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pull this off
1.      Use in solid form
Having the coconut oil in solid form is much better and less nasty especially for starters, in comparison with having it in liquid form. Just chew the oil until it melts.

2.      Start small
Use smaller amounts off your oil to avoid gaging or even swallowing it when it accumulates in your mouth. As you get used to having oil in your mouth, you can gradually increase in amount of oil you can use.

3.      Brush thoroughly after oil pulling
This helps you get rid of all the germs that have been loosened by the oil during the oil pull. Brush and floss immediately after with warm water.

4.      Best in the morning
It is best to do your oil pulling in the morning before having or doing anything because most of the germs build up overnight. This is the best time to grab them unaware

5.      Distract yourself

This can help keep your mind off how nasty the oil is, for starters, and helps time fly by very quickly. Do something to distract you, for example doing the dishes or making breakfast.

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