Lower Ab Workout


Lower Ab Workout

Most of us agree that the hardest part about keeping our abs looking good is the lower portion (aka “the pooch”). Go through the entire sequence 3 times w/ the designated reps and get those abs firing! Description of each exercise is below.

Leg lifts: Start lying on your back w arms at your side w palms faced downward. Make sure to keep head, shoulders and back against floor. Bring legs up straight until they are in line w your hips. Lower the legs SLOWLY and stop them a few inches from ground. Modification: Start w arms out wide (like a bird) for extra balance/support.

Scissor kicks: Begin lying on your back with hands under your low back & legs out straight. Raise legs together about a foot off ground. Move one leg up and one leg down in scissor type motion. Keep back pressed on floor.

Plank Toe Taps: Begin in forearm plank. Then, alternate tapping heels to ground. Make sure to keep back & bottom in straight line.

In & Outs: Begin lying on back w legs out straight, hands behind back and chest up off mat. Lift legs up so that your only support is your hands and bottom. Now push your legs in and out with your knees bending as you do this.

V- Ups: Begin lying down w legs and arms straight. Hold arms above the top of your head. Simultaneously bring your chest and legs up to meet in V position (as if trying to touch your toes).

Top & bottom from: Fabletics

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